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Soothe The Senses is looking to be a single source of information and products that help and support individuals with sensory needs. As parents of an autistic child we know first hand how challenging it can be to find information and products that might help your situation and child. It is often through fellow parents and support groups on social platforms that the best recommendations come from. We would like make navigating the mass of information and products out there as easy as possible using simple but effective filters to narrow down products based on the sensory scenario to be addressed, be it related to the tactile system and if they are a sensory seeker or an avoider.

We will also provide links to studies and publications that support the use of one approach or product in tackling various scenarios. There are a number of wonderful companies out there that have spent a lot of time and effort researching various aspects of product development. We are not looking to compete with them but to partner and promote.

Because Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder is an everyday part of our lives and close to our hearts we will be looking to become a National Autistic Society Supporter donating a percentage of the profit from every sale made through our site.

We are currently finalising agreements with suppliers and partners, as well as our product range which will evolve and grow as our customer base develops. We are currently targeting a November 2020 launch. If you would like to know more information about our store or would like to be involved in any way then please do not hesitate to contact us on Alternatively enter your e-mail address below to be notified when we officially open.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Kind regards, Rich & Sam

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